Katie Gianni


Katie Gianni is a South Florida artist creating eye-catching, ornate paintings using various types of ink and acrylic mediums. Inspired by aboriginal and Art Nouveau styles, each one of her paintings are adorned with metallic gold, copper and/or silver ink, with intricate patterns and delicate lines in white. Her work focuses on local and exotic wildlife – including birds, reptiles, insects, fish and a variety of large animals; however, other subjects include furniture/home decor, abstract portraits and botanicals. You can view Katie’s portfolio, or find available art for purchase in her online shop.

Katie developed a passion for ink and printing while studying lithography and wood block in college. She graduated from Stockton University of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts and Printmaking. After moving to Florida in 2015, she began experimenting with India ink to mimic block print styles and designs; incorporating metallics to embellish the subjects shape and details such as feathers, scales, feet and facial features.

Katie has a private art studio within the walls of her home that she shares with her husband Bob and a golden retriever named Mako. When she’s not in the studio, you can find her working at The Gilt Complex in downtown Stuart, FL - specializing in custom framing and art restoration. Katie’s hobbies include exploring antique shops and flea markets, touring museums and botanical gardens, relaxing at the beach, and re-designing her new home. You can get to know Katie and learn more about her art by visiting her blog and following her on Instagram and Facebook.

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