Artist at Home: A Studio Tour


Don’t be fooled by the picture above… I’m a messy artist. I’m currently enjoying a clean, organized space where everything has a home and is fully stocked. New flooring has been installed, the walls freshly painted, and I’ve acquired some really cool furniture. In a few months, there will be ink covering the tables and drawings scattered around the floor with my golden retriever lying on top of them. :)

My husband and I purchased our first house in March 2018 on Florida’s Treasure Coast. It’s an adorable, 1960’s home with a great piece of property, beautiful view of the lake and lots of charm. Thankfully, the previous homeowners took excellent care in maintaining the house, so most of the work has been cosmetic.

My studio was originally an addition that was built off of the living room and used as an office space. When we began our “demo”, we found two layers of linoleum on the floor that were heavily glued down and carpeting tacked down on top of that. There was mildew all around the windows and patio door, old termite damage, and some crazy electrical wiring. We installed LifeProof vinyl plank flooring that had the look of wood floors without the high cost; plus, they are super easy to clean when I spill my ink water everywhere. For a paint color, we chose Behr’s “Sleek White” which is a beautiful warm-tone white that we’ve used in most of the house. There is also a mosaic patio outside my studio where I’ll be setting up a little table and chairs soon (pictured below, bottom-center).

So here it is, my new studio! Let’s just dive right in to the tour, shall we?

First, let me show you my favorite piece of furniture in the house: my flat file! This solid oak piece came from an old architect’s office in Stuart, FL and was picked up by a local antique shop. My parents discovered it and surprised me with it as an early (very, very early) 30th birthday gift. It has provided me with tons of storage for everything from finished paintings and works in progress, to paper, mats, packaging materials, prints and so much more. It’s something I will have and love for the rest of my life.

My easel is also very special to me since it was my grandmother’s. Before passing away last year, she gave it to me along with one of her best paintings which currently hangs in the studio. Next to that is my projection wall, which I use when I want to create larger paintings from small drawings in my sketchbook (or watch movies… whatever I feel like doing that day).

My work table is actually our family’s old dining table that my parents built back in the early 90’s. There’s lots of great memories attached to it, so when my dad suggested I use it in the studio I didn’t think twice. Since it’s open underneath, I’m able to keep my storage containers, computer, scanner and books out of the way. I use a long cushioned bench to kneel and sit on while I paint, which allows me to stretch out and relax when I need to.

My media cabinet is full of various types of inks, paints, pens and pencils, brushes, palettes and other items. Most of my paintings are created with Daler Rowney’s FW Acrylic Water-Resistant Inks and Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink. For classic India ink, I love Speedball’s Super Black Waterproof. It’s perfect for layering to get a high-gloss finish on paper or canvas and works well with my metallic mediums. For tiny details, I like to use Gelly Roll pens in white and Sakura’s Pen Touch Paint Markers. Other favorite brands include Prisma, Amsterdam & Pigma Micron.

Last but not least, I have my storage closet where I keep some small canvases, table-top easels and miscellaneous frames. Next to that is my printer and “tool box”. I got this cool vintage dresser at a thrift store for only $30 and it’s great for storing my tools, marketing/packaging materials, table cloths, and electronics. It’s amazing how quickly drawers fill up! With so many little items and no where to put them, I added plastic bins and dividers which made organizing a bit easier.

And that’s about it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into my at-home studio. Join the mailing list and make sure to follow me on Instagram so you can watch the up-coming, full video tour of the studio. And check back every two weeks for a new blog post, where I’ll share more info on new projects, my hobbies and favorite artists.